Onze adem is de sleutel tot ontspanning, Desiree biedt dat met haar product op z'n manier dat het ontspannen uit zichzelf gaat zonder hier enige inspanning voor hoeven te leveren. Het is een oplossing die vrij is van medicatie en stigmatisatie. Meer over het product en detail volgt later.

Desiree van der Gracht | Destressing

Desiree is developing a product that helps people to de-stress. Stress is everywhere and a major problem in our society. Only in The Netherlands more than 1,3 million people suffer from a burn-out. Covid-19 creates an even bigger pressure on mental wellbeing. A serious issue to act up on.

The breath is the key to relaxation,  Desiree offers that through her product in such a way that relaxation is created immediately without any effort. It is a solution free of stigma and medication. More about the product in specific will follow in a later phase.